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why having a website is good for your real estate business


8 reasons why having a website is good for your real estate business in 2018

why having a website is good for real estate agents in 2018

#1 – People (vendors looking for a real estate agent to sell their house) are already looking you up

The internet is being used every second of every day to find real estate agents. The more “digital space” a real estate agent takes up online, the more impressive they look.  As one of my client’s clients said to him recently when I asked “why did you choose [Bob]?”, she said:

… because he was everywhere! I Googled him and he was all over the place…

Of course he wasn’t everywhere or all over the place but because he’s got a website with lots of relevant information on it, it looks like he’s all over the place.

#2 – you control the information that shows up next to your name and your properties

If you’re part of a national brand the chances are high there’s ‘news’ about something totally irrelevant to your clients on the company website and/or the news could be about a neighbouring office that’s a little too close for comfort.

When you have your own website you 100% control what goes on it – provided of course you’re not using a free website builder that makes its money through Google or other adwords and your website is plastered with horrible adverts all over it.

#3 – you can make your ad-spend go further and work soooo much harder

I’m sure you’re familiar with remarketing – it’s when you keep seeing something you’ve searched online for that keeps popping up all over the internet …?

That’s remarketing. It’s an amazingly powerful way of making sales (when implemented strategically and wisely). But it can only be a-happening thing if you’ve got a website. Remarketing needs a website to always be referring back to.

Remarketing means that you can look forward to getting a much better bang for your internet advertising buck.

#4 – Facebook’s Advertising Pixel

Do you advertise your vendors’ properties on Facebook? If you’re not, you should be including this as part of your VPA.

I’m not talking “boosted posts”. I’m referring to fully set up and managed advertising campaigns where you can target people who’ve visited “similar” properties to your clients + specific geographic locations and a whole bunch of other demographic fields.

Facebook advertising has no rival when it comes to “going deep and precise” .

One of the really exciting things about Facebook’s Advertising Pixel is that it gets more intelligent each time it’s used.

It truly is amazing and if you’re not using it, you’re doing yourself and your clients a disservice.

#5 – Video

It goes without saying that if you’re not including video as part of your business’s marketing strategy, you’re missing out on a lot of business! 

No longer is YouTube the only video hosting provider (although it is the biggest and it is owned by Google). However, by having a YouTube channel you can easily embed your videos into your website.

But what if you don’t want your viewers to watch YouTube’s “related” videos – those videos it automatically recommends viewers watch at the end of a video…?  What then?

The alternative to this is to use another video host – for example Vimeo or Wistia.

Like YouTube both Vimeo and Wistia have their own viewing channel. Admittedly these aren’t top-of-mind for your clients. But the good thing about having an account with either of these service providers is that they don’t prompt your viewers to watch other ‘related’ videos.

You can also embed Vimeo and Wistia videos onto your website. But if you don’t have a website then you’re not able to make the most of their services.

#6 – 24 / 7 / 365

When you’ve got your very own personally branded website you can sleep well at night knowing that when you’re Googled (because people are Googling you and / or your profession all the time) what they find will do you favours, not a disservice.

Having your own website is like having your very own brochure in every letterbox in the world. Admittedly, you’re not going to be wanting to sell a property in the back blocks of Arizona, Gympie or Manchester, but what if a property owner in “your” street has a friend in one of those places who’s helping them do their online research …?

In today’s digitally connected world all businesses need their own (controllable) online brochure, aka website.

Do I practice what I preach when it comes to websites? Yes – absolutely! I have two real estate coaching websites – each serves a different purpose but both interconnect with the other. You’re on one now (highprofilerealtor). At the end of this article I’m going to be referring you to another website of mine 🙂

#7 – a website means you can compete with the Big Guys

One of the great things about the internet is that it’s levelled the business playing field.

Gone are the days when only those businesses (corporate-types) could afford to do things that meant small businesses couldn’t compete with. For example, expensive television advertising.

When a small business incorporates smart digital marketing into their repertoire, it allows them to take on the Big Guys without breaking the bank. How awesome is that?

But if you don’t have a website you can’t hope to compete effectively (eg, by using the Facebook Ad Pixel).

#8 – your clients will start to expect it

Although we’re not quite there yet in that all clients expect you to have a website, it won’t be far away.

Sure, there are always exceptions to every rule but more and more, consumers expect businesses to have their own websites (not Facebook Pages, not sub-pages of other websites like your company’s website).

And if you’re thinking “my clients don’t use the internet in *that* way” think again. My mother-in-law is in her late 80s. She’s been “Googling” for about 10 years. She recently spent a few months as a resident in a retirement home. Admittedly she was the only resident who wanted access to the wifi there, but for her it was normal practice.

Whenever she’s doing anything that she wants more information about, she’ll reach for her tablet and start Googling.

She doesn’t have a Facebook account (and isn’t interested in getting one) but she does Google.

In not too many years we’ll live in a world where most of the population will only know life with Google in it (not pre-Google like me and my friends).

Having your website now means that by the time we reach that point (it’ll happen faster than you think) your website will have maturity that will give you even more clout.

Affordable websites

Fortunately, you no longer need to take out a mortgage to have a website in your business or a PhD in computer coding.

If you really wanted (not my professional recommendation for a business website) you can create your website for free. However, “free” means you need to do it all yourself and your time has a $-value associated with it so that means it’s not really “free”.

Further, free websites usually have horrible words like “created free using ____” – which isn’t a good look for your business. Or they have lots of advertising plastered all over them. I’m sure you’ve visited blog sites like this – maybe recipe sites – with lots and lots of adverts that make reading the article / recipe a not-very-nice-experience. You don’t want this for your clients.

clean & simple looking websites

You don’t need lots of bells and whistles in a website. The more bells and whistles the more dollars in set up and the more dollars in maintenance to keep everything working.

For just $199+gst and $39pw+gst you can now have your own smart-looking website – in your colours.

Here’s an example I’ve made up so you can see what yours could look like. In this website I’ve used myself as an example (obviously I’m not a real estate agent and don’t pretend to be).

If you’re interested in knowing more, then this page may help – it’s a matrix of what’s included and not.

I promise all my coaching clients they’ll get one new appraisal every week. I show real estate agents how to work smarter not harder and get listings uncontested.

I’d love to hear from you. I answer all my emails personally: [email protected].

I look forward to being able to answer your questions!


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