how far will you go to provide extra service to your clients?

Service – Adding Value Through Service


Service – Adding Value Through Service – How Far Will You Go To Make A Positive Difference?


Service means being prepared to get your feet wet to provide excellent service

Service: are you prepared to get your feet wet for your clients?

The difference between agents who’ve “made it” (or whose star is in the ascension) and those who haven’t, is their attitude of and to SERVICE {I’ve talked about this before}.

Mindset – growth vs fixed
Difference between sympathy and empathy

One way attitude plays out when it comes to being successful is having an attitude of service (to your clients).

When you realise it’s a privilege to have your client’s listing (not a right or expectation on your part), your whole business will change.

Having an attitude of “you owe your clients” (as opposed to the other way around) will make a profound difference to your business. Ironically, the more you go out of your way to be of service to your clients, the more listings you’ll get.

Although ‘service’ (in the dictionary) is actually a noun, I believe it should be a verb. Being of service to someone is a doing word!

And, just in case you’re interested – here’s the Thesaurus of ‘service’.

Here are 7 ways you can be of service to your clients:

#1 – Door Knock their neighbours

You owe it to your clients to help spread the word that their property is on the market. Don’t assume that because you’ve got a sign out the front that everyone will see it (what about those people who leave home in the morning while it’s still dark, and don’t get home until it’s dark at night too?).

Door knock even when it’s raining.

Door knock even when you don’t feel like it.

#2 – Add extra ‘shine’ to their marketing campaign(s)

You’ll know when this applies to you. It’s those times when you think to yourself “that’ll do” when you know you’re skimping on either your energy or your quality. You’re accepting second best from yourself and you’re short-changing your clients.

#3 – Answer all their questions as if it’s the first time you’ve heard them

Remember: even though ‘selling houses’ is just another day in the office, it’s not for your clients

Their questions are valid. Treat them with respect and professionalism.

#4 – Respect their FUDs




As per #3 above – even though this is just another day in the office for you, this could be the very first time they’ve ever sold their largest possession. Treat them with respect.

#5 – Return their calls

Keep in mind they’re paying you to do your job – return their calls – it’s the polite and right thing to do.

#5 – Keep them in the loop

Ironically, the more you keep them in the loop, the fewer times they’ll hassle you!

#6 – Always be learning & upskilling

You owe it to your clients to be the best you can be. This means always be learning (technology, psychology, methodology).

I hope you’ve found this short list helpful. Sometimes it’s easy to get blase when we’re doing the same thing over and over.

#7 – Remember : Turbulent flights

Use this metaphor in your business if you feel you’re starting to provide sub-standard levels of service:

Are you a gung-ho aircraft passenger? Are you one of those people who think “bring it on” the more bumpy the flight? Or are you nervous, anxious and can’t wait to have your feet back on terra firma again?

For the flight crew at the sharp end of the aircraft “turbulence” and “bumps” are just another day in the office. They’re (fortunately!), they’re not fazed with all the bouncing around. They’ve flown in those conditions so many times they’re (almost) immune.

That is what it’s like for your vendors: to you it’s just another day in the office – for them it’s a bit scary!

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If YOU would like to be MORE DOLLAR PRODUCTIVE in your business - like spending more time in front of prospects - then DONE-FOR-YOU-FACEBOOK MARKETING is for you! Click HERE to find out more.