Focus: are you a Ten-a-Penny Grunt or an Elite Performer?


Focus: are you a Ten-a-Penny Grunt or an Elite Performer?

Uncle Sam has a problem.

Believe it or not, this problem has nothing to do with the President.

I heard recently that, apparently, the US Army is running out of snipers.

A recent report says the stringent criteria at sniper school is seeing a higher than average drop-out rate.

As you know, snipers are an elite group inside the military.

Snipers are self-motivated. They have to be. They spend hours (sometimes days) working solo.

Snipers believe in having the best gear and equipment.

Sometimes they wait patiently for their targets for days until the right moment to strike.

What they do isn’t comfortable. It’s lonely. Sometimes they’re out in the wet and cold.

They strike with precision and once they’ve hit their target they quietly leave with little fuss.

Not everyone has what it takes to be a sniper.

This contrasts to the regular gunners who are so many in number, they’re simply described as grunts.

There are so many of them, grunts are expendable.

It’s a numbers game

Grunts are supplied with weapons that will blow anything up and spray ammo all over the place: “it’s a numbers game” type of approach.

Gatling Gun


You know what I’m talking about: the machine gunners need to blast off (and waste) hundreds of rounds to hit their target. They spin in an arc: left-to-right hoping they’ll hit something along the way.

This is in direct contract to elite snipers who only need one shot.

Real Estate random acts of marketing

If you’re prepared to look, you can see the same thing in real estate.

Real estate offices are full of expendable grunts, firing off all over the place attempting to hit any target they see.  No one’ invests in their training, least of all themselves.

They’re heavy into what I call random acts of marketing. I talked at length about this last week.

Contrast that with those sitting in the No. 1 and No. 2 places. The elite performers. The snipers.

They’re quietly sitting back from the front lines picking off their targets of choice: listing the properties they want to list.

Doing the uncomfortable work. Making phone calls. Knocking on doors. Laying themselves wide open to rejection.

Head space

The top performers spend time getting their heads in the right space (and then staying there).

In the rare event they fall off the horse they have strategies for getting back on again. Fast.

They know exactly what they’re doing.

Their focus is laser-sharp.

Known for their specialty

Their reputation precedes them. They’re known for their specialty.

Over time these elite performers settle more deals while the grunts have melted their  metaphorical barrels and run out of ammo.

While the grunts are blaming the government…  the market… the weather… the elite performers are blaming no one.

If the market has changed – if it means the wind blows their ammo slightly off track – they simply adjust.

It’s what they do.

Elite performers have refined their businesses. They have systems which enable their precision.

Grunts on the other hand, have expended more time and energy. They may or may not have hit their mark.

While they’re doing this they also make onehelluvanoise.

Training & attitude

The difference between grunts and elite performers is training and attitude.

It takes hard work and perseverance to be an elite performer.

Elite performers are prepared to hone & refine their skills. In foul weather and fair. They maintain their very narrow laser-like focus.

Elite performers are specialists. They become the Best of the Best. They’re prepared to put in the deliberate practice necessary to be The Best.

Grunts are ten-a-penny.

Elite Performers are few and far between.

You choose

The choice of whether you want to be a Ten-a-Penny Grunt or an Elite Performer is yours.

Being elite requires another level of training.

Are you ready?

Get in touch.

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