facebook for realtors - what do you post on facebook?

Facebook for realtors – what do you say on Facebook?


Facebook for realtors – what do you actually say when you post? What do you post…?

facebook for realtors - what do you post on facebook?

Your Facebook Page – build it and they will come…?

There’s a bit of a knack to writing engaging Facebook posts. However, it’s a knack that can be learnt.

It can be learnt by anyone of any age. Facebook (and social media) is not just the bastion of teenagers and the twenty-somethings.

Probably the (first) hardest part is getting over yourself; which I say in the most respectful of ways.

The second hardest part is realising that growing a Facebook following ain’t easy. There will be times when you’ll feel like you’re talking to yourself.

Provided you can get over feeling like you’ve got no friends and you continue being consistent and persistent, having a Facebook page will be good for your business.

Good from a marketing perspective…

Drivel, trivia & comparison…?

Somehow, we seem to have morphed into a society that loves living vicariously (hence the popularity of cheap-to-make reality-type TV programmes).

Further, we seem (as a human race) to have taken “comparison” to a whole new level.

Especially kids. Kids who see their friends posting amazing, wonderful toys, gadgets, holidays, houses, blah, blah, blah on Facebook.

Although social media is a serious business, being too serious on ‘social’ ain’t the way to go.

What seems to work on Facebook is trivia, drivel and comparisons.

Guidelines to help you get the “right” tone

One of the first things to remember about Facebook is that it’s a virtual social space. If you can think of it as being like your favourite cafe (or wine bar) you’ll find communicating there easier.

By its very nature of being social it means the last thing people in those (virtual) spaces want to hear all the time is you going on and on (and on!) about your work.

I’m sure you know people yourself who’re only ever capable of talking one thing. For example, their kids. O grand-kids. Golf. Or their car. Their next holiday. Or….?

After a while you start to find yourself either avoiding that person. Or maybe you make sure you don’t get caught alone with them because you know you’ll never be able to get the conversation onto something other than their [whatever].

Remember: avoid talking ‘shop’

Sure, it’s okay to talk about work (ie, your listings) from time to time. But these conversations have to be the exception rather than the rule.

When it comes to real estate make sure you post non-listings-related updates between your open home & new listing posts.

Ask closed questions

Closed quests result in higher engagement (interaction) with your followers than open questions.

By “engagement” I mean that you get a response of some kind. Even if it’s just a simple thumbs-up like.

Asking yes / no type questions doesn’t require your audience to exercise very much brain power. Because of this, they’re more likely to interact with you.

Therefore, do your best to ask questions that can be answered with one-word answers rather than lengthy, thought-inspired epistles.

Simple closed questions:

  • Do you prefer A or B?
  • Do you agree – yes or no?
  • Are you an A or a B type person?

Dumb it down

This is one of those things I referred to when I said you need to get over yourself {smiley face} !

Apparently, the human race is getting less tolerant, more instant-gratification-oriented and our attention spans are ever diminishing. It appears humans have shorter attention spans than goldfish!

Therefore, use simple words.

Make things easy for people to come out and play with you.

Very short sentences

Coupled with our short attention spans is our inability (apparenty!) to be unable to handle longer sentences and thought-required questions.

The shorter your sentences, the higher the likelihood your followers will engage with you.

This is another of those “need to get over yourself” examples.

I know you’re capable of writing intelligent prose.

However, writing (what we consider) drivel on social media doesn’t mean we’re dumbing ourselves down. Instead, look at it as catering to the masses in order to achieve a purpose.

If you want to have an engaged and successful Facebook (or other social page) I’m afraid you need to dumb what you write down by getting over yourself.

Gossip & trivia

As I said earlier, as humans we love to live our lives vicariously (through someone else).

Mix your posts up a bit. They don’t all have to be about property and/or real estate.

Every now and again throw in something like a “pub quiz” question. Lead in with a tongue-in-cheek comment and they’ll appreciate your humour.

You want your followers to get to know you beyond being the suited-up agent.

Gossip and trivia type posts can be the “you heard it here first” type posts. Posts that are good for this are celebrity mansions coming on the market for sale. A sneak peak inside a celebrity’s holiday home.

When you post gossip and trivia lead in with your own (non judgemental) opinion.

Relevant news articles

If you want to be seen as the Thought Leader you need to be the agent who leads with the news. Ahead of everyone else (“you heard it here first”).

Subscribing (either by email updates or RSS feeds) to the various online news channels is the way to achieve this.

For example:

RBNZ announcements

the RBNZ has an announcement schedule – register to receive yours (or follow Julie South Realtor Coach on Facebook and share the announcements as I make them).

NZ Herald | Stuff | Your Community Newspapers

Keep an eye on the property & financial news. Share the hot, relevant stuff.

But what if it’s all about Auckland and you don’t live in Auckland?

Then turn the story around by comparing it to something that is in your area. It could be a comparison that is like or a comparison that is opposite.

Always look for some kind of ‘bridge’ to link the article to your area.

Share / Copy what I do

If you’re unsure of how to do this, then like and follow my Facebook Page and watch how I do it. Copy what I do on your page. Change out the words (if necessary) so you’re using your voice. It won’t take long before you get the hang of how to do it solo 😉

The major trading banks have their own news pages. Subscribe to receive their announcements (either by email or RSS feed).

Ditto the independent mortgage brokers (eg, NZHL).

When sharing information from a third party one of the first things to check is the date of publication.

The people who look after the social media and content on corporate websites are only human. They also can start off with a hiss and a roar when they start writing articles only to fizzle out. Check the date before you post.

How often should you post?

This is the sixty-four million dollar question. The answer is just enough and not too often.

A twice daily frequency might be perfect for one agent whereas another agent’s audience might thrive on a 4+/day frequency.

The only way to know for sure is to test and measure.

Refer to “Facebook Insights” often

refer to Facebook Insights when testing and measuring

Inside Insights you’re looking for the best time and best type of post when measured by highest engagement.

Here are the Insights inside my Facebook Page. This is an infant page – it’s been alive for about a month. I haven’t boosted any posts or bought any advertising. As at writing this article the page has only 41 likes. Not many.

However, what’s important is not so much the quantity of those who like the page, but the quality. I’m thrilled with how my page is performing.

Remember: I’m not expecting to sell anything – all I want is for agents (and maybe even maybe, mortgage brokers!) to get to know, like and trust me as someone who’s a source of information and able to help them with their own businesses.

Julie South - High Profile Realtor Coach

When I analyse an agent’s Facebook page for “performance” I’m looking to see what time and type of posts get the best reach and engagement.

From the screen shot above you can see that around lunchtime (11:30 am – 1:30pm) appears to be the best time for me to post on my Facebook page.

The post at 12:14 pm:

  • Reach – 60
  • Clicks – 7
  • Reactions, comments & shares – 1

The post at 1:13 pm:

  • Reach – 26
  • Clicks – 3
  • Reactions, comments & shares – 1

This post at 11:26 am:

what and when to post on your real estate facebook page

  • Reach – 367
  • Clicks – 30
  • Reactions, comments & shares – 8

Go to your Facebook page and check out your Insights. What do you see?

  • Is there a time (or time period) when there’s a peak in engagement?
  • Does your audience prefer a specific type of post?

What if there’s nothing obvious?

Then start testing and measuring:

  • Types of posts (images, text, articles, video, live video, news, gossip, trivia)
  • Time of day
  • Length of post
  • Style of post (eg, Q&A, quiz)

When you start to see activity do more of that activity. Was it just a fluke or have you hit the sweet spot?

When you’ve found your sweet spot rinse and repeat 😉

How often should you post?

My recommendation is at least daily Monday-Friday of non-salesy type posts.

If you’re able to post 2-3 times/day (of quality posts) and still maintain engagement then do so.

Test and measure.  You’ll reach a point of diminishing returns. That’s when you stop!

However, if you’re not posting at least daily Monday-Friday your audience is more likely to forget you.

But won’t they get sick of seeing my stuff all the time?

No!!! The chances are highly unlikely all of your followers are seeing all of your posts. This is because Facebook regulates your posts like crazy.

No one knows exactly how regulated Facebook is with what it allows your followers to see from you.

Keep in mind that Facebook is a business. It makes its money from selling advertising.  With Facebook you pay to play. The more you pay the better your playing experience.

It’s estimated that only 16% of your followers will ever see your posts. This means if you have (say) 500 followers, your post will appear in the news feed of only 80 people. Now, if they’re not online when your news appears in their feed the chances are high it will get buried.

Post when your followers are visiting Facebook

That’s why it’s critical you post when your audience is online.

Further, the more people who engage with your posts the more Facebook will decree you write good stuff so the more love it (Facebook) will shine on your page.

In other words, the more people who engage the more people Facebook will let see your post. Which in turn means more people see and therefore more people will (presumably) engage. It’s self perpetuating.

Use the Facebook Schedule function

The great thing about Facebook’s scheduling function is that you don’t have to be inside Facebook when your followers are.

But you can schedule your posts to appear when they are {how cool is that?}.

You can find the schedule function in the top toolbar under Publishing Tools

Property Listings

It’s okay to post property listings, open home, solds, awards, etc when you’re having a good time with your followers. Provided this isn’t all you’re posting.

Think about it: how bored do you get when someone just keeps talking about themselves the whole time?

This is what you want to avoid!

This is why it’s important to mix it up with interesting, mostly on-topic, relevant posts that add some kind of value to your audience.

If you’re posting (say) 2x/day that’s 10 posts pw (Mon-Fri). One property listing is going to amount to 10% of your weekly posts.

Your Open Home updates (events) will amount to 10%

For example, one new listing + one open home announcement will add up to 20% of your entire weekly posts … a ratio of 1:5 (sales vs non sales).

Can you see how easy it is for sales-based posts to start adding up?

If you’re an Agent with lots of listings and you want to use social media as one of your marketing channels I recommend you up the number of your non-salesy posts. If you don’t you run the risk of always appearing to be talking about yourself.

Facebook Marketing – what to do next:

#1 – check out your Facebook Insights

Analyse your Facebook Page:

  • What’s not/working?
  • When’s the best time to post?
  • What type(s) of posts?

#2 – subscribe to interesting news channels / blogs

  • Start collecting interesting articles to share
    • RBNZ
    • NZ Herald
    • Stuff.co.nz

#3 – Create a Facebook posting schedule

A combination of (1) and (2) above means you’ll have a supply of information that’s constantly being dripped into your lap for sharing.

Use Facebook’s Scheduler tool to post to your page

If this all sounds too overwhelming then send me an email and I’ll help you chunk it down into manageable bit-size pieces for you. 

I promise to answer your email in person.

If YOU would like to do more dollar-productive activities  - like spending more time in front of prospects - then DONE-FOR-YOU-FACEBOOK MARKETING is for you! Click HERE to find out how.
If YOU would like to be MORE DOLLAR PRODUCTIVE in your business - like spending more time in front of prospects - then DONE-FOR-YOU-FACEBOOK MARKETING is for you! Click HERE to find out more.