Julie South - helping realtors get found, get seen & get more listings
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About Julie South


Julie South

Hi – I’m Julie South and I help real estate agents get found, get seen and get called to get more listings.

If you’re a real estate agent and would like to rock the online world (for example, with Facebook, Facebook Ads, Google and other internet-based spaces) as well as dominate your area, then let’s chat!

I’ve been coaching real estate agents since 2007. So that means I’ve survived the GFC and am super-proud to say that a few of my clients even grew their businesses during that time {how cool is that?}.

Because I’ve been working alongside my real estate clients all this time I get what it’s like to run a business:

 you’re stretched to the max and you’re time-poor;
 there are so many different ways to market yourself it’s hard to know which ones work and which to choose; 
 staying ahead of technology can do your head in;
 family / business / life *balance* doesn’t always happen;
 you’d love to have someone to ‘bounce’ your ideas off;
 and when you’re held accountable, you perform like a superstar!

professional background

As an employee my career has spanned the following professional areas:

  • LAW – I’ve worked at some of NZs largest law firms – including Russell McVeagh and Brookfields.  I’ve also been the practice manager of a small boutique Auckland law firm.
  • CENTRAL BANKING – Waayyyy back when … I’ve worked in almost all of the departments of the RBNZ.
  • INSURANCE – I’m familiar with financial planning, investing and life insurance.
  • TELECOMMUNICATIONS  – Back when Spark was called Telecom New Zealand, I was one of that company’s top performing sales reps. Every month I ranked in the Top 10 and most often was in the Top 3.

interest in digital & marketing

I looooove digital and marketing. And I especially love that the internet has now made both of these things possible in a way we’ve never seen before.

I get a kick out of being able to make my clients’ businesses rock in the digital world by using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, websites and all the other online tools that allow the small business owner to compete with the Big Guys!

and I’ve also got a thing for hats…!


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