4 ways to include property videos in your personal realtor profile marketing

The great (fantastic!) thing about video is that it helps build rapport faster. Realtors who use video as part of their marketing initiatives (whether for property or personal promotion) usually get listings (and more of them!) easier than those agents who don’t use video. This article gives you lots of different ideas on how you can incorporate property videos (even when the vendor doesn’t want to spend any money) into your personal profile marketing.

4 types of property videos to include in your personal real estate agent profile marketing

Use property videos to enhance your personal profile

Just because a vendor doesn’t want to invest in professional videography services to create a video doesn’t mean you can’t use their property in video(s) to sell the property and to sell you to future clients.

Here are four different and easy ways you can include property videos to raise your personal profile.

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#1 – the pre-sale video – the property as seen through your eyes

Create your own walk-through video (remember to hold the camera / smartphone as steady as possible). Narrate as you go. Share with viewers the property as seen through your eyes:

  • what do you especially like about each room (it’s okay not to say something about every room, but if there is something you especially like then share that):
    • garden?
    • aspect?
    • design?
    • colour?
    • view?
    • upgrades?
    • potential to upgrade?
  • the neighbourhood? street? apartment complex?
  • school zoning?
  • public transport?
  • nearby parks & amenities? (shopping, supermarkets, libraries, cafes, restaurants)
  • which demographic might the next owners be? Who might this property best suit?
    • empty nesters?
    • young family?
    • pets?
    • couple?
    • flatting?
    • investment?
    • extended family?
    • why?
  • if the property is a do-up help viewers visualise what could be done as you’re walking through the home.  Stand still for a few seconds and describe the renovations that would make a difference – eg: “imagine this kitchen with a new…………………..” or “imagine making this window bigger / ranchslider / deck to capture the amazing view of ……… to create the indoor / outdoor flow / open up the living area……………….”

#2 – the post sale video as a case study

Where in the real estate business development growth rule book does it say you can only ever create a video for a property before it sells?

What’s to stop you creating a post-sale video?

Turn the sale into case study (people loooove reading before / after and success stories).

If you’re stuck on how to start here are some question prompts for you to consider:

  • what type of marketing campaign did you use? 
    • why did you choose this type of campaign – was it:
      • vendor requested (why?)
      • suited to the property (why?)
      • time-focused (why?)
      • $-focused (why?)
  • what was special about the property – was it:
    • a do-up
    • high priced
    • low priced
    • worst-house-best-street
    • old? new?
    • long settlement? short settlement?
  • what was the outcome?
    • sold prior to auction?
    • number of people at the auction?
    • $$ x-thousands above vendors’ expectations?
  • what were the challenges you faced and how did you overcome these:
    • small or no marketing budget?
    • tenants?
    • open homes – none or no people viewing?
    • noisy neighbours?
  • why did the vendors choose you to sell their property:
    • did you have to interview for the listing?
    • what words did they use?
    • were you referred?
    • what did they especially like about how you worked?

Here’s an example of a post-sale property video Gary Gold (“sold by gold”) created after he sold the Playboy Mansion:

Admittedly, this is a high profile property in its own right. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create case studies for non-high profile listings.

Get creative! If you’d like help with creating case study videos then send me an email – I’m only too happy to help and give you some ideas.

#3 – Sold!

The biggest smile on vendors’ faces is the moment you tell them their property is sold.  This is the time to capture that smile! 

Give the “sold” sign to them to put across their signboard and video it.

Take lots of photos.

This is also the best time to get a testimonial from them because they’ll be buzzing and their excitement will be infectious!

Ask them how they’re feeling as they’re putting sold on their signboard.

Ask them what they thought was the best part of your marketing campaign.

Ask them what they liked the most about the whole process.

#4 – the crossing-the-threshold-for-the-first-time video

Where does it say in the rule book that buyers have to pick up their new home a key in an envelope from reception?  (sheesh! sometimes they don’t even get an envelope!!)

Sometimes they arrive at reception to a harried receptionist who’s doing a million and one things because it’s Settlement Day and there’s barely eye contact made!!

Your buyers have just spent many hundreds of thousands of dollars with you don’t you think it deserves a bit more than a manky envelope left at reception for them to collect?

Make a big deal with the key!

Make a big deal about their first time in their new home!

Yes – they’ll be busy – I’m not asking you to slow them down in any way or create bottlenecks so that the furniture movers will be breathing down their necks – but make it special for them.

To you it’s just another day in the office. But to them it’s the beginning of a whole new chapter in their lives – celebrate that with them.

Make. It. Special!

Capture it on video! If they’re embarrassed because they’re in their “gardening” clothes then make the video just for them – as a keepsake to add to their memories, after all, the day will probably end up as a bit of a blur for them.

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